I can do summer dressing with a hijab, too!

Hey guys!

You know, it’s been a quite a long time since I made a blog post. All I’ve been able to do lately is nothing but college assignments and getting prep for exams. But I’ve finally got around to write because I feel like it’s forever since my last post. So here you go. Hope y’all have a good read.

Covering up can be full of mystique, a growing trend within the fashion world. We can be stylish and covered at the same time. Contemporary, but classic. Feminine, but modest.

My take is simple when it comes to figuring out what to wear on summer. Wear what makes you feel beautiful, covered and what’s loose on your body. Because you don’t want to get all uncomfortable and sweaty with the heating up weather. Especially here, in Maldives where the weather is overall hot and sunny. Loose clothes help air circulate through out your body and keep you cool. Tight clothes will trap moisture and body heat causing you to sweat.

My go-to color of every outfit, whether it’s a day wear or an evening wear, is black with a little drop of bright color somewhere along the dress. I enjoy wearing black because it makes me look elegant fast without making many choices.


This outfit has been absolutely perfect for me, as a summer wear. It’s perfectly lightweight and is also made out of fabrics that don’t trap heat and it’s not form fitting. Also, I really like the white vertical stripes in the sides. They give an overall cute look to this dress.

Moreover, the best thing about this dress is that it has POCKETS! The two fabulous, spacious pockets at both sides of the dress has been designed to be a feature, rather than hidden away, and have plenty of room for important items or just for putting your hands in. Ikr?

The scarf I’m wearing is a light cotton material because lighter fabrics is more bearable to wear in summer. I always try to wear my hijab loose on summer because the looser your hijab, the less suffocated you’ll feel. I don’t bother much about safety pins when getting dressed for summer. Doesn’t mean that I don’t need 2 or 3. 😀 I also avoid pinning my hijab directly under the chin. Instead, I pin it loosely around my neck and ears as that’ll allow me to breathe better.

After many years of wearing hijab, I’ve finally mastered the art of surviving the summer’s heat while wearing a hijab and dressing modestly. I don’t need any immodest summer styles when I’ve got plenty of modest choices, easy to carry even with a hijab.

Thanks for stopping by guys! ❤

5 thoughts on “I can do summer dressing with a hijab, too!

  1. Shreya says:

    You look pretty although it doesn’t seem possible , wearing a hijab on hot summers. Do you wear hijab in your home too?

  2. mycontribusion says:

    Revealed from above,
    A rule we’re to uphold
    From Allah the knower of all
    To his prophet of whose honesty we know

    For a believer of truth there is nothing to lose
    You need not their looks if you’ve to be nude
    Complying with the rule makes you more cute
    And as gloomy as the stress might look, the reward is good

    By Ahmad Musa


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