My hijab story

After four years of wearing hijab Alhamdulillah, I would like to share my hijab story here. This post is fairly long but I hope you’ll stay interested in what I’ve to say.

Growing up, I’d always known that wearing hijab was an obligation to every women and I’d known that I would wear it in the future. But I never really set a specific goal. I always thought, “Oh, I will wear it when I get married or maybe when I start having kids.” After joining college, well, let’s jut put it this way, once I started being a more mature adult, I began getting closer to god and I started realizing that this was an obligation that every woman needed to fulfill. So, the year 2014 at the age of 19, my journey began and I finally decided to put on the Hijab.

Donning the hijab was completely my choice. Although many women from both my parents family wore the hijab, there were many who did not wear it. No one told me to wear it but it came only by my own choice. Many were confused as to why I started wearing hijab and I came across a lot of questions (still do, sometimes) from my relatives, friends alike and from strangers as well. Some questions starts with a compliment and some common questions like “Why do I wear the hijab and did anyone ask me to wear it?” Well, I would like to mention my answer to all those questions I was raised here as well. Wearing hijab was my own choice and I observe it to please god and in obedience to his commandment. The hijab has become a part of me now and I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable without it.

Hijab is definitely more than just a piece of cloth around the hair. My wardrobe has been pretty modest as a teenage girl, rarely wearing short sleeve tops and wearing pants and long sleeve tops anyway.

Once I started wearing hijab, I made sure that I wore long pants and long sleeve fully covered (Well, except the hands and my face and also, I did not wear socks at the start of my hijab journey), which was a great start. I decided to start slow and began with long sleeve tops reaching from the shoulders to a length somewhere to the waist and pants along with it. Then after some time, I wore knee length loose dresses with pants. Finally, I started wearing abaya dresses and after a year of wearing full coverage and full black abayas, I couldn’t imagine going back to short dresses, let alone a colored dress.

Starting slow was hands down the best thing I could have ever done while preparing to wear hijab. It made the transition so much easier!

From the moment I made the decision to wear hijab, anything I add to my wardrobe from that point on had to be hijabi-friendly. I started thinking and shopping like a hijabi. I had to keep in mind whether the item I’m about to purchase was see-through or not, and I even bought a bunch of hijabs, which I barely knew how to put it on, since i didn’t have any practice, but now I know better!

At first after wearing hijab, I used to not care too much about what color I wore as long as it wasn’t pink but it’s been a year since black is the only color I’ve been adding to my closet. I feel like I can easily work with the color black and design the color much better. Black fits in almost any designs, it combines with other colors, and makes the colors stand out more on my dress that only takes a very little portion of the dress. It also makes shopping a lot simpler. Yes, it does!

In some ways, getting dressed is easier when wearing black. On the other hand, sometimes it gets a little harder to pick a dress through my all-black wardrobe. I know they’re all black but I swear they’re different.

My hijab has played the biggest role towards self-realization, self-worth, and I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I am to have taken that step.

However, hijab isn’t just covering up the apparent, it carries a far more deeper meaning. It’s attaining modesty, it’s embellishing our character and it’s having a beautiful patience. It’s a promise, to never stop trying to seek God in everything, through everything. Wearing the hijab makes me feel purified, protected and respected. It makes me feel peace at heart knowing that I’m obeying the command of Allah swt. At times when I can’t concentrate much on prayers or when I feel like my faith is low, my hijab and the way I dress would remind me of who I am.

Ultimately, no one is perfect. As humans, we’re likable to making mistakes. The hijab doesn’t make you a more perfect or righteous person. Rather, it’s a constant reminder to keep striving and proficient in your personal and spiritual development. It’s 4 years to my hijab journey and Alhamdulillah I never looked back once I wore it!

My advice for all the Muslim women planning to wear hijab one day down the line is to set an intention and start slow. Why the delay when we know that it’s mandatory to all Muslim women? At first it might be stressful, but In sha Allah with time, I promise you will gain confidence in your hijab and soon you won’t even remember you’re wearing it!  May Allah swt make the hijab easy for all of us and reward us for our efforts! Ameen.

If you’ve any questions on my hijab story or any at all, then feel free to leave a comment.


13 thoughts on “My hijab story

  1. ن❥ says:

    Love this post! I do have a question though… I sometimes throw on a abaya when I need to do a quick run. However, here where I live you don’t see a lot of women walking around in abaya… you see hijab but not abaya. How is it in the city where you live? Is it accepted easily? I love wearing abaya but I just feel it’s more angry negative eyes on me

  2. Shreya says:

    You look beautiful.😋
    And I never knew wearing hijab was a compulsion. Although I love women wearing hijab.

  3. Minnu says:

    Thank you so much! 💕
    Yeap. In Islam, it’s mandatory for women to wear hijab. Hijab as in covering the whole body except the face and both hands. 😌

  4. Minnu says:

    Thank you Nannu! 💕
    I live in the Maldives and it’s pretty normal now, for women to wear abayas.
    Wearing one, I feel modest and fashionable at the same time.
    But yeah, at first when women started wearing abayas, people often made negative assumptions and later it became a trend here in Maldives to wear abayas. Specially among young women. And I love seeing people wearing it. 😌 Maasha Allah.

  5. ifrah says:

    I pretty much only wear black jilbabs! My journey is somewhat like yours, even though i was a jilbabi and sometimes a hijab almost all my life because that was what was expected, started wearing the jilbab intentionally in 2016 and slowly transitioned to loosy abayas, socks and only black. I also get many questions and concerns even from my family members but Alhamdulillah this new dressing code have given me nothing but peace

  6. hiddenzzzzz says:

    This is a great and deep post❤️❤️ I believe that wearing hijab shows our modesty and belief towards our religion. I wore hijab when I was 11 years. I used to wear hijab before that as well but at times only and that’s when I felt like I should wear it officially. When I started wearing hijab I felt like I was always ready.

  7. Minnu says:

    Aw. Black is the new pink huh? 😀
    Alhamdhlihllah you feel that way. May you always have this positive attitude towards the way you dress girrrl! ❤

  8. Minnu says:

    Yes, absolutely. Cant’t be anymore true.
    That’s great. Alhamdhlihllah. There is no right time to start wearing the hijab. It’s mandatory to all muslim women, so we must start soon before it’s too late. By time, you’ll realise that this’s the best choice you’ve ever made. Glad that you feel that way now. 🙂
    Thank you for commenting! ❤

  9. Hiba says:

    I love the picture! We started hijab at similar ages, your story felt close to mine.. I hope to be on the abaya soon Insha’Allah!!

  10. binterauph says:

    “Wearing the hijab makes me feel purified, protected and respected. It makes me feel peace at heart knowing that I’m obeying the command of Allah swt. ” This line really gave me tranquility & happiness. To know that there are other sisters who can feel this too. ^_^ Great Post! JazakAllah for sharing.

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