For the love of food!

I’ve always had a pure, untroubled love affair with food.  When I am enjoying a meal, I am already thinking about the next one. Haha!

Well, I love to treat myself and enjoy some comfort without any guilt. Feeling guilty or ashamed of what I eat not only puts me at odds with the food, but with myself. So guys. Give yourself the permission to eat without judgment and truly enjoy what you eat, even the occasional treat. Savor the food you eat and, most importantly, nourish yourself with delicious, good meals. That’s my advice! 😀

“I think it’s about time that we realize that eating is one of the pleasures of life. The nerve endings and cells in our tongue are similar to our erogenous zones. So that’s really where food and pleasures are connected.” – Lois Ferguson on Food and Sensuality

Here’s what makes food so special to me.

  • It’s social

Think about how many times you’ve texted a friend and said “Hey wanna go for a coffee? A lunch date?” I don’t know about you, but birthdays, lunch dates, or even weddings, the minute someone says ‘there will be food’, I’ll surely show up to that gathering.

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@ Shell Beans, Hulhumale’

  • Food supports all my decisions

If I want to eat that lava cake, it wants me to eat it without feeling guilty. The lava cake needs a home and what’s better than my stomach? See! It’s supporting my decision without any questions.

  • It always makes me feel good

I can always turn to food to make me feel better, even if it is just for a little bit. People even use food as motivation, for finishing their homework or taking a study break to eat. Yeah! I do this too. After a bad day or after something makes me sad sometimes, good food cures everything for me. A jar of nutella maybe? Believe me, the warmth of a dessert will provide the best comfort, undoubtedly.


@ Palato Frosty’s, Male’

  • It always wants the best for me

It will not reject me when I’m feeling tired or when I’m in a bad mood. It’s there to do it’s thing. To satisfy. Take a look at all those cheese? They’re willing to die for me, quite literally. It doesn’t expect anything except to be eaten. That’s all it wants. That’s all I want!

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@ The Sandwich Baa, Male’

  • Food’s never judgmental

When the rest of the world is out there on a Friday night, but all I need is a bowl of popcorn and a good movie, food will never give me a judgmental look. And yeah! Be it 3 in the am or 3 in the pm. Food is always up for a party!

  • It shows people that you care

Food is a great way to show people that you care. You messed up and you want to make it up to your friend? Take him/her to dinner. By making such a small gesture, it makes all the difference and shows how much more you care. Well, it does to me.

  • It tastes good

This is the obvious reason why I love food so much, despite all of the other great things food brings to the table. Eating and enjoying good taste is what a food lovers life is all about. Yeap. That’s right!

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@ Pizza Mia, Male’


I don’t know how to explain it but my world, revolves around food. ♥️

What do you say peeps?

15 thoughts on “For the love of food!

  1. ن❥ says:

    Agree about all your points! Food = comfort. It gives you this feeling that no human can ever give you 🤣🤣 loved the pics they made me hungry lol

  2. Minnu says:

    And these comments are making me hungry right now. 😂
    Same same! Food for life! There’s no sincere love than the love of food huh?
    Thanks for commenting girl! 💕

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