Book review: Imprisoned by a Vow.

Hello peeps!

So, I wanted to write a book review of a book that has been with me for over four years and I only just got around reading it this year. Don’t ask me why I didn’t read it earlier, because I have no answer and I even wonder why I didn’t finish reading it any earlier. ๐Ÿ˜€

Imprisoned by a Vow
ย is a well-written, poignant, emotional and uplifting story about love and loss, entangled with mystery.


Anyways, coming to the book, this book is about a woman named Leila, who was being sold into marriage as a part of a business deal by her stepfather who is abusive and controlling. For her this was the only chance to escape from her stepfather’s cruelty. Instead of freedom, she found herself bound by deep passions ignited by her enigmatic new husband. Both Leila and Ross (her husband) had disturbing childhoods that led to some major problems.

The author of this book is Annie West. She’s also the author of Damaso Claims His Heir, which won a 2015 Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) Romantic book of the year in the short sexy category.
Annie West’s story telling makes the characters come alive on the pages and not to mention I personally got involved in their happiness and craved the resolution as deeply as the characters did.

So, I highly recommend this read for all the fans of Annie West romances!
A passionate read with a delicious outcome and a very strong message for love conquers all!

Have you read something this year that’s worth sharing with me? If so, hit the comments then! ๐Ÿ™‚

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